Vinyl Gazebo's

Our Vinyl Gazebo is the answer for those who are looking for something maintenance free. The white vinyl sleeves over the wood structure gives you the strength of wood and maintenance free that vinyl has to offer. They make a great addition to any backyard, and an elegance and beauty for you to enjoy for years to come. The Almond color option is great for those who are looking for a vinyl gazebo that will blend into the natural surroundings.

Vinyl Gazebos
25’ Octagon

Aged Redwood AR Shingles, Double Roof, Screen Package, Redwood Floor

12’ Octagon

Bell Roof, Fan Braces, 5 Benches, Madison Posts and Rails, Window Cupola, Black AR Shingles

10’ Octagon

Ivory Gazebo, Double Roof, Scalloped Facia, Madison Posts and Rails, Victorian Braces, Screen Package, Red Slate Roof, Cedar Floor

12’ Octagon

Black AR Shingles, Brown Floor, Victorian Braces, Madison Posts and Rails, Screen Package

12’ Octagon

Brown AR Shingles, Gray Floor, Double Roof, Screen Package

12’ x 16’ Oval Gazebo

Gray Rubber Slate Shingles, Gray Floor

14’ Octagon

Straight Rails, Screen Package, Harvard Slate Roof, Gray Floor 

10’ x 14’ Oval

Double Roof, Madison Rails, Victorian Braces, Harvard Slate Roof, Cedar Tone Floor

14’ x 30’ Oval

Midnight Gray Rubber Slate Shingles, Double Roof, Madison Rails, Victorian Braces, Gray Floor 

10’ x 12’ Rectangle

Featuring a simplistic, four-sided design, the rectangle allows you to maximize interior space without sacrificing the refined look of the exterior.

A-Frame Roof, 2 Privacy Walls, Screen Package, Black Shingles, Gray Floor

12’ x 16’ Rectangle

A-Frame Roof, Weather, Wood Shingles, Gray Floor

20’ Octagon

Double Roof, Charcoal Gray Shingles, Gray Floor

12’ x 18’ Rectangle

6’ x 16’ Porch, Gray Floor, Screens, Double Golfer Screen Doors, Windowed Accent Dormer

12’ x 16’ Rectangle

Double Roof, Screen Package, Harvard Slate AR Shingles, Gray Floor

12’ x 24’ Rectangle

Screen Package, Gray Floor, Midnight Gray Rubber Slate Roof

19'6" x 29' 6" (Special Order Size)

This Beautiful Gazebo Features the Almond Vinyl, Madison Rails, Madison Braces, Double Roof with Rubber (Majestic Slate) Shingles.  

19'6" x 29' 6" (Special Order Size)

This Gazebo was built without a floor and installed on a customer prepared concrete pad. It was installed by Pencroft Kit crews. They are excellent crews with a real eye for detail.

19'6" x 29' 6" (Special Order Size) Rectangle

Another Feature of this Beautiful Gazebo is the cedar tounge and groove ceiling with exposed cedar rafters. Our Amish craftsman builds quality and detail into each structure.

Standard Features
Gazebo Options 1
Gazebo Options 2
Wood Gazebo

We love our Wood Gazebo's. Our Gazebo's our constructed from pressure-treated southern pine.  As you look at the details of each structure you will notice the natural beauty of wood. There are no two structures that are alike. Each one will have its little cracks and knots that are characteristic to the wood that it was created with.  These structures are very good for our clients that are looking for something that is more natural looking. They blend well into wooded landscapes. They are built to last however they do require some maintenance. We recommend that you stain them when they are built and every few years after to keep them looking nice and fresh.

Wood Gazebo's
8' Octagon

Its small but its a big addition to the back-yard. Gives you that little space where you can sit down and have your morning mediation, or a quite spot to enjoy some tea with your friends. . This small unit shows how are Amish Craftsman build each building to the customer request. Here we used the customer requested stain and shingles. 

18' Octagon (Custom Order)

This Gazebo brings out the beauty of wood. A Real asset to the front yard. It is built by our own crews on the customers existing pad.  The structure is stained a rustic cedar. It also features our two-tone ceiling stain. The tongue and groove ceiling is stained natural and the exposed rafters are stained  rustic cedar. It has the weather wood architectural shingles on the roof.  

Wood Standard Features
Gazebo Wood Standard Features
Gazebo Wood Standard Features
Giant and Custom Vinyl Gazebos
50’ Dodecagon

Located at the Lehigh Valley Church of Christ.

16’ Hexagon

Bell Roof with Arched Headers, Twin Towers Monument located at Finger Lakes, NY.

15’ x 30’ Rectangle

No Floor, Ivory Gazebo, Double Roof, Madison Rails, Victorian Braces, Stone Red Rubber, Slate Roof, Attached Breezeway, Custom Cupola 

40’ x 60’ Custom Vinyl Pavilion with Metal Roof
Here's what our customers are saying:

"We are thrilled with our gazebo. The quality, fit and finish are excellent. The delivery was also excellent!"

~Kevin and Diane 


These are the best, high quality Gazebos built anywhere. Both the quality of the construction materials and dedicated quality of the craftsmanship is truly one of a kind. The final results of these products must be seen to be appreciated.

~Brian N.