Vinyl Pavilions

Our Vinyl Pavilions is a perfect addition to every backyard. There simple clean lines gives it a very elegant and relaxing look. They offer full shade from the hot sun for all those who take time to relax under it. Its open sides provides natural ventilation and allows you to enjoy the breezes as they blow. The vinyl  offers the strength and durability of wood but the maintenance free of vinyl. All you ever have to do is purchase it and then sit down to enjoy the breezes

14’ x 18’
14’ x 18'
10’ x 10’
14’ x 14’
12’ x 14’
16’ x 16’ with Large Cupola
12’ x 16’ Window Cupola with Copper Roof
10 x 12

Standard Vinyl Pavilion with Special Order Timberline-Pewter Grey Shingles, 

14 x 14

14 x 14 Standard Pavilion with Tapered Column Posts,  Exposed Rafters with Two- Tone Ceiling, Installed on Deck. 

12' x 16'

Color: White, Shingles: Earth Tone

12' x 16'

12 x 16  Pavilion with Exposed Rafters stained Rustic Cedar, and Pine Tounge and Grove Ceiling stained Natural 

6' x 4' Dog Pavilion

Standard Pavilion with Grey Floor and Special Order Old English Pewter Shingles

6' x 4' Dog Pavilion

Pets need shade to, and this little pavilion makes the perfect place for the pet to watch the tennis game. 

12 x 14

Standard Vinyl Pavilion, Shingles Special Order, Old English Pewter

14 x 30

Standard Vinyl Pavilion with Floor, White Vinyl With Grey composite Floor, Shingles: Dual Grey

14 x 30

Our Standard Vinyl Ceiling makes these structures 100% maintenance-free

14 x 18

This Standard Vinyl Pavilion makes another dream a reality. It is is pictured with Charcoal Grey Shingles. 

8' x 8'

This little vinyl pavilion looks like it found the perfect spot. It features the custom electrical package and multi-color rubber slate roofing and our vented vinyl cupola. 

Aranda Pavilions
22’ x 24’

Standard Features: Arched Vertical Bead Board, Vinyl Headers on the inside and out, Dental Moulding, 12” Overhang With Vinyl Drip Edge Detailing, 7 Pitch Roof, 8x8 Posts with Post Trim Detail.

12’ x 12’

Dental Moulding and Bead Board Detail Header with Interior Vinyl Ceiling.

Wood Pavilions

Our wood pavilions are constructed using #1 treated SYP that is hand-selected for the best appearance. We use laminated 5x5 posts that provide structural integrity and prevent warping. Triple-ply 2x8 headers span up to16’, and half moon braces provide lateral strength in high winds. The roof is constructed using pressure treated 1x6 tongue and groove SYP, followed by felt paper and 30-year architectural shingles. We can also paint and stain your pavilion using one of our standard finishes, or leave it unfinished.

Standard Wood Pavilions
12 x 16

7" x 7" Posts, Tri- Ply Header, Standard Braces, Dual Black Shingles, Stained Rustic Cedar

20' x 30'

Standard Wood Pavilion,  Constructed from Pressure Treated Southern Pine, 7" x 7" Posts, Tri-Ply 2 x 10 Headers, Standard Braces, Shingles; Charcoal Grey, 

Each Standard Wood Pavilion Comes Standard with this ceiling

Notice the fine workmanship and attention to detail  that comes with each of our structures. You can't find it better!!

This is another standard feature on all out structures.

It's the workmanship we are proud of. Every structure is constructed carefully to endure the test of time. 

14’ x 16’

Standard Features: 7x7 Laminated Posts, Dental Molding, 7 Pitch Roof, Perfectly arched headers clad with vertical tongue and groove, pressure-treated SYP on the inside and out.

2x10 ply headers span up to 18’ without sagging or Paralam headers to span up to 30.

Paralam Beams, White Stain and Black AR Shingles
Custom Pavilions
14’ x 14’ with A-Frame Roof
12’ x 20’ with Tapered Columns
12’ x 14’ Clay Vinyl with Large Cupola
14’ x 24’ Pavilion with attached Shower Room
24 x 18

Special Order, 24 x 18 Santa- Fe, Pine Wood Species, 8"x 8" posts, 2"x 10" Rafters Exposed, Tounge and Groove Ceiling, Metal Dark Blue Roof.

Here's what customers are saying:

My wife and I had a fantastic experience purchasing our pavilion! We came to them with a project in mind and they made it a reality. We asked them to design a custom structure for our swimming pool and the results are tremendous. The staff were accessible, knowledgable, and friendly. The project was completed on time and the quality of the craftsmanship is second to none. 

~The Davidov Family 

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