Standard Wood Pergola's

Our Wood Pergola's are constructed of pressure treated southern pine. Each Pergola is unique and no two are the same. Each will represent the unique characteristics of the wood that it was built with. They are built to be sturdy and to stand the test of time. They can be stained a choice of 7 different colors to set it off even better.  The wood pergola is a great way to get partial shade on your deck or patio at a very affordable price. 

Standard Wood Pergola
12' x 12' Wood with Gray Stain
10' x 14' with Cedar Stain and Cedar Colored Composite Floor
10' x 10'
Vinyl Pergolas
12’ x 24’ Standard Vinyl Pergola
12’ x 24’ Vinyl Pergola with a Lattice Roof.
12’ x 24’ Vinyl Pergola
Customer Specifications

This vinyl pergola looks right at home providing shade for the outdoor bar. Our craftsman and install crews take pride in making each structure to the specifications of each customer. Dreaming is a good thing. Tell us your dream or vision and we will do our best to make it a reality. 

Custom Pergolas
12’ x 14’ Arlington Pergola with Rustic Cedar Stain and Deluxe Posts. 
Standard Arlington Pergola

Treated Unstained Wood, 5x5 Posts, 2x8 Triple Ply Headers, 2x6 Arched Rafters, and Purlins, 18” Overhangs, Powder-Coated Connector Brackets

10’ x 16’ Arlington Pergola

16’ Privacy Wall, Lattice Roof, Cedar Stain

10 x 16 Arlington Pergola

The beauty of this Arlington Pergola is enhanced with the lattice roof and deluxe posts. The privacy wall with pressure treated tongue and groove and lattice top is a great way to give you some privacy and still enjoy the breeze. The Cedar stain gives it a very beautiful appearance.