Pool Houses

Standard Pool Houses

Your choice of shed and deck size. One #3HR 3’ half round window single door in the center of the wall leading from shed to deck. Two 18x36 uninsulated windows (or 24x36 if specified), one on each side of the double door. One #56P-5’ double door without windows centered on the side wall. NOTE: Door and window locations can be readily customized. The interior of the shed is unfinished with 2x4 stud walls 16” on center backed by 1⁄2” CDX plywood. The deck has one opening (specify placement). Vented cupolas are included on all pool houses.

Custom Pool Houses

Beyond the standard configurations, you have the freedom to create the perfect structure for you. Choose from multiple combinations of colors, accents, roofing, posts, railing, doors and window styles. These options allow you to create a truly unique addition to your outdoor experience. Pool houses make great changing rooms or lounge areas. Perfect for small or large areas.

12’ x 28’ Pool House

Screen Package, Green Shutters, 12’x16’ Deck, 12’x14’ Enclosed

12’ x 24’ Pool House with Fake Dormer

12x12 Enclosed, 12x12 Deck, Screen Package, Gray Shutters 

12’ x 28’ Pool House

Cedar Floor, Madison Rails, #6PD Patio Door, #311L Single Door, Screen Package, Blue Shutters,12x16 Deck, 12x12 Enclosure

12’ x 24’ Pool House

12x12 Deck, 12x12 Enclosure, A-Frame Roof, Trapezoid Windows, 40x60 Horizontal Windows, Screen Package, #315L Full View Door 

12 x 24

12 x 24 Pool House Cabana, Floor Grey, Siding: Heritage Grey, Shingles: Havard Slate, Nickel Gap Privacy Wall with Grey Stain, 

Nickel Gap Stained White, Exposed Rafters Stained Mahogany
Laminate Flooring, White Nickel Gap, Mohagony Trim
12 x 24

Poolhouse Cabana 12 x 24, Enclosed Area 12 x 10 , Deck Area 12 x 14, Privacy wall with Nickel Gap with Grey stain, Floor- Grey, Siding -Heritage Grey, White Miratec Trim, Finished Interior, Exposed Rafters Mahagony, Ceiling White

Here's what customers are saying:

"This past summer my wife and I purchased a pool house to set up at our home. The builders arrived when they said they would and immediately set to work They were polite and tireless. All the work was done in a professional manner, and exceeded our expectations. In the midst of their work, we decided to make a change in the building, and the team was very cooperative, and helped us to accomplish these last minute changes. Without hesitation we would recommend them to others."

~Jim & Dee


I recently purchased a 12' x 28' Pool House. It is of the highest quality, outstanding craftsmanship and construction. I am very happy and satisfied with this purchase. Thank you Pencroft Structures!

~Randy S.