Sunrooms can be the perfect accent to your outdoor space. Check them out below to see how a sunroom could fit within your backyard space. 

12’ x 16’ Custom Sunroom with A-Frame roof.
12’ x 16’ Sunroom with Horizontal Windows, Black Roof and Trim.
12’ x 16’ Oval with Finished Cedar interior.
12’ Octagon with Full View Door
14’ x 24’ Sunroom

A-Frame Roof, Trapezoid Windows, Dormer with Octagon Window, #615L Doors Green Shutters, Green Window Trim, Clay Siding, Weather Wood Roof 

12' x 20'

Sun Rooms come standard with the 40" x 60" Insulated Windows, This has 15 light Door, Siding: Clay, Shingles: Dual Grey, Finished Interior

12 x 20

All Sunrooms can have a finished Interior. Finished Interior is available in Pine Board, Nickel Gap, and Cedar.

You can also get Insulation and Electric to make it a home away from home. 

12’x 24’ Cabana

10’ Enclosure with a 14’ Deck Clay Siding, Charcoal Gray Shingles 

12’ x 22’ Cabana

14’ Enclosure with 8’ Deck, Slate Vinyl Siding, Black AR Shingles, Arched Double Door, Window Cupola

Standard Options
Here's what customers are saying:

I recently purchased a 12' x 28' Pool House. It is of the highest quality, outstanding craftsmanship and construction. I am very happy and satisfied with this purchase. Thank you Pencroft Structures!

~Randy S.